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We are looking for active or retired officers and Firefighters who have been involved in trauma-related calls who are willing to help start a local chapter in those areas where we have not yet established a peer support group. Our guidelines will help you set up and run the support group with our help. We can put you in touch with a psychologist in your area who specializes in trauma work with law enforcement personnel.  


Each provider has been vetted and understands the parameters under which we operate: complete anonymity for peer support groups and no contact with the officer’s agency. What you say and hear will be completely between you and those admitted to the group and/or with the doctor with whom we have referred.

States We Serve

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Currently Meeting In The Following Arizona Areas
Now Hosting Groups for Fire Fighters By Fire Fighters
Central Phoenix

Welcome North Carolina: Currently we are in the process of setting up meetings and locations, please reach out if you are interested in attending group. We're soliciting contact information for any organizations willing to provide a meeting venue in the Cary, Apex or Holly Springs area. Please email us if you are willing to provide a conference room for our meeting purposes.  

States We Hope To Serve Soon 

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