PISTLE provides presentations on acute stress and PTSD and the effect they can have on our Law Enforcement Officers. We have been speaking throughout Arizona and have received positive feedback on our presentation style and content. We speak from the heart, not from a power point, we use our own incidents and our own experiences to help our audience better understand the sign and symptoms of both acute stress and PTSD. We are RAW and UNFILTERED!


We have spoken in many forums and venues and to many different groups and agencies throughout Arizona such as Bureau of Prisons, MCSO Negotiator training and Ottawa University . We were the keynote speakers at the Iowa State Police Association conference in 2017. We strive to present a positive message of hope for those struggling with acute stress and PTSD. We always say “The best way to know the road ahead is to ask those coming back”.


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Danielle Powers commented:


PISTLE recently presented to our law enforcement officers at the Federal Prison in Phoenix. A summary from the staff was that the presentation was very valuable and insightful. The presenters were authentic, which permitted staff to take an honest look at themselves. The content of the presentation was relative to our day-to-day activities and challenges. Many staff commented on their own avoidance of problems, mental health difficulties, family struggles and felt empowered by fellow law enforcement personnel's strength and resilience in telling their stories.


Thank you again for all you do.

FCI Phoenix
FCC Tucson
FCI Safford.

Comments from our IOWA presentation:


PISTLE was the keynote speaker for the 85th Annual Iowa State Police Association Conference. Before picking PISTLE we were skeptical since we couldn't find any videos of them online. We wanted to break the mold of boring conference educational speakers and have a powerful dynamic presentation that would talk about PTSD, acute stress, secondary traumas, and dealing with the day to day of being an officer. After a couple phone calls with Manny I knew that PISTLE was the group we needed for our conference. Manny and Dave both delivered a powerful message that really hit home for the officers. Their presentation was authentic, upfront, and gritty which caused a lot of introspection. You know you have a good presentation when cops refuse to take a break! 

Sergeant Jed Hythecker 
Union of Professional Police President 
Sergeant Eric Gruenhagen 
Davenport Police Association President